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What we believe

As an Assemblies of God church, we agree and comply with the sixteen Fundamental Truths. Read more

We believe:

Salvation is the free gift of everlasting life that is promised to every believer after accepting Christ's death for the remission of sin, and believing that God raised Him from the dead.

Divine Healing is a relevant and prominent result of a believer's prayer of faith. The scripture is full of examples of God's miraculous healing, and we know His power to heal is still active today.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the evidence of God's power in the church. After salvation, we receive power to be God's witnesses. As a church we understand that the initial physical evidence of Holy Spirit baptism is speaking in other tongues.

The Second Coming of Christ is our future hope. As the condition of Earth continually worsens (naturally and morally), we know that one day Jesus will return to the Earth to retrieve His people. The dead in Christ will rise first, and then the living church will be taken up into Heaven.

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